How the hell did we get here?  I was trying to explain the current American social and political climate to a friend overseas.  I just found myself getting angrier and angrier.
Writing this down won’t change anything, that’s not the point.  I’m just hoping it might make me feel better and, right now, maybe that’s enough.

Nobody trusts politicians.  Nobody ever has.  There’s something unwholesome about the world they live in and the way they accomplish things.  I’m not saying they start out corrupt.  I’m sure many of them have the loftiest goals in the beginning.  It’s how they end up that stinks.  In this country, it’s a nightmare that just keeps getting worse.  The ever present feeling that no matter how fast you run, you can’t outrun the bad guys.  You can’t outrun them because they’re everywhere.  They control the damn country.  Literally.

Not trusting politicians is one thing.  The state of affairs in this country at the moment is a completely different ballgame.  It seems to me that everyone, the administration, the press, the public … everyone knows that Bush is lying.  Including him.  Maybe especially him.  It’s getting pretty insulting.

I want you to visualize something for me.  Seriously, give this a try.  Think of all the people you know who are under say …. 40 years of age.  Now, of those, picture the one (or two) that you’re closest to.  Preferably a child or sibling.  Now, picture them being sent to Iraq by our “war president”.  Finally, picture them lying broken and dead in the dirt.  I know it’s hard, bear with me.  They’re lying there dead, you’re never going to see them again, speak to them again, hold them, hug them, kiss them again.  They’re gone.

For me, the first question that springs to mind when I do this is simple; Why?  Why is my nephew dead?  Why is my father, mother, brother, uncle, aunt, wife, husband, son or daughter dead?  Georgey?  Straight answer please?  For once in your miserable fucking life, you piece of shit, answer the fucking question.  Don’t give me some bullshit about a war on terror.  Iraq had nothing the fuck to do with that.  Don’t give me some bullshit about freedom and regime change.  You seem happy enough with the bunch of crazy motherfuckers that run Africa.  So why?  Tell us the fucking truth.  You’re supposed to be a god fearing man, check out commandment number nine.  How about bearing a little less false witness?  You know that you can’t change the commandments to retroactively protect yourself, right?   Just making sure.

Murdered.  Murdered by lies.  Murdered by deceit.  Murdered by hubris.  Murdered by a halfwit asshole who likes to play the cowboy, the gunslinger, the hero.

To a certain extent, what’s done is done.  What matters is the truth.  You owe it to the people who elected you to tell the fucking truth.  You owe it to the memory of the dead in Iraq (and the dead Iraqis too, NOT just the Americans) to tell the fucking truth.  You owe it to the families of those who died on 9/11 to come clean and admit that whatever the war in Iraq was about, it wasn’t about 9/11.  9//11 might have given you a pretext to go to war with Iraq, it didn’t give you a reason.

You owe it to everyone who has ever fought for what this country used to stand for.  You owe it to every person whose blood has been spilled to provide the freedoms you’re whittling away.  You seem to think you’re a tough guy.  That’s fine, be tough.  Tell the truth no matter how hard it is.  You tough enough big guy?

By the way, I read today that you’ve now killed more Americans in Iraq than were killed on 9/11.  Yes, I actually meant that you killed them.  You didn’t shoot them yourself, but you may as well have.

“I’m a war president” – George W Bush.
“Fuck you George, you halfwit asshole.”  – Me


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