Religious fervor and its proximity to madness

Rob’s blog came to my attention a while back. I’ve read a lot of his stuff and the kid can write. He loves George W. Bush and everything the man stands for, which doesn’t say too much for his ability to think critically but hey, he’s not Robinson Crusoe there.

My beef with young Rob isn’t about his political beliefs, it’s about his religious ones.

His writings on Jesus pretty much qualify him as a nut-ball. You see, Rob believes that Jesus Christ is literally controlling his life. He believes that Jesus is making decisions on his behalf and overtly guiding him on his journey through life.

I realized that was no longer capable of running my own life. In desparation I cried out to Jesus, begged His forgiveness for all that I had done in the relationship that was sinful, my sloth, and most importantly my turning from Him. I pleaded with Him to run my life for me, that I would do whatever He told me to do. When my tears seemed to supernaturally stop, it was as if Jesus said, “You’re on.” Jesus was now my Lord.

The quote above is from Rob’s post “Jesus has guided every one of my steps“.

“Why I’m a Christian” has more stuff in a similar vein:

the whole time I could actually seem to hear the Holy Spirit whispering to me, not in words but in pictures I could see in my mind


I was hearing God everyday. He seemed to tell me everything to do – when to call someone, when to give a hug to my sister, when to buy something (usually when NOT to buy something)… it was the strangest thing. When I obeyed, my life was smooth. When I doubted what I was hearing, there was a “bump in the road of life,” if you catch my drift. Could Jesus have actually taken me up on my plea, to run my life for me? YEP!

Wow. Seriously, wow! My purpose isn’t simply to mock Rob’s beliefs. It’s more to consider the question of how far Rob would have to go before his beliefs could be clinically described as crazy.

I’m claiming he wouldn’t have to go much further. In fact, I believe if he claimed that he heard the voice of Moses, or Mary, instead of god or Jesus, he’d qualify. In the world I live in, hearing voices and claiming to be driven by forces outside oneself automatically qualify one as crazy. How come religious belief sidesteps the nut-ball label?

Good luck to Rob. I hope the voices and pictures don’t tell him to start hurting people. God has a reputation for dishing out the hurt, like that one time where he drowned everyone on Earth except Noah. That wasn’t too nice.


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