Hillary for Democracy!

A stunning announcement from Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff this morning; Hillary has demanded a recount in Nashua and Manchester, two of the largest precincts in New Hampshire.

From a statement released earlier:

“This country has had too many election intrigues in recent history. Although I think the pollsters were just plain foolish to write me off in New Hampshire, such a discrepancy [between polling numbers and actual vote counts] demands serious investigation. As such, I formally demand a manual recount in the Manchester and Nashua precincts. I also invite Senator Obama’s campaign to be heavily involved in the process. While Barack and I disagree vehemently on many things we are united on the importance of Democracy to this nation.”

“Let there no doubt, people who chose to write my campaign off have egg on their faces today. America is ready for the type of change that an administration crafted by me will bring. Let’s bring on the recount, protect our democratic process and verify that the people of New Hampshire are the change drivers this country needs.”


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