A prediction: we are racist.

I’ve been reading a lot about the upcoming South Carolina Democratic Primary.  I started to notice something, every single article was talking about Obama’s support among the black voters of South Carolina.  It’s not the biggest problem with our political system, but the fact that we ignorantly allow the media to frame politics in these terms is fucking disgusting.

What possible benefit apart from scaring racists in other states could talking about Obama’s support among the black community possibly have?  Honestly, who cares?  Why should that be a noteworthy news item?  Why not devote the copy space to talking about the differences between Obama and Clinton? Why not serve as a tool for enlightening the population about what’s important rather than focusing on what’s clearly not?

I’m going to post a link to all stories I read that talk about the South Carolina results.  I will keep a running count of “mentions voter race” vs “doesn’t mention”.  My prediction is that, in the post counting analysis, every single article I read will mention the racial make up of those who voted for Obama.  Without exception.  Now, I don’t claim that I need every single one to mention race to prove my claims of racism, but it’s more dramatic that way.  I also believe I’ll be right. We’ll see how it turns out.

So there it is.  We are, on some level, a nation of ignorant, racist knuckleheads and the media coverage of the results in South Carolina will proclaim this for all to see.  Few will notice.


3 Responses to “A prediction: we are racist.”

  1. Massimo Moruzzi Says:

    don’t you think the Clintons are partly responsible for this?

    IMHO, Bill saying that Hillary will get votes from women and Obama from blacks is an attempt to tell “white America” that Obama is dangerous…

  2. darwinator Says:

    Hi Mass,

    Yes, I think they are partly responsible for it. Maybe even mostly responsible. However, the key thing to remember is that, regardless of what’s driving the process, the fact that the American populace tolerates it allows it to continue. There are so many frustrating instances of a sleepy American population that doesn’t react to protect themselves from vicious, pernicious tactics.

    To wit, watch the footage of any debate that’s been held and determine what “issues” have been discussed. They’re a joke.

    I know I’m railing without a real focus, but honestly that’s what this blog is about. Me yelling into the void. I don’t often expect to hear anything back. 🙂

    It’s just frustrating for me that American passivity allows these types of behaviors to flourish.

  3. Massimo Moruzzi Says:

    well, don’t give up! It’s a pleasure to read blogs like yours and 2parse.com

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