Obama’s win “rejiggers” the race, or does it?

In an interesting choice of words, both Time and the Dallas Morning News websites posted articles yesterday using the word “rejiggers” in association with Barack Obama‘s crushing, devastating, awesome landslide victory over Hillary Clinton in South Carolina.

This word seemed completely out of place as it’s such an obscure word.  It also didn’t quite seem to do what was necessary in the sentence.  Rejiggers means readjusts.  It carries, however, a connotation of slight tweaking.  Obama’s smashing victory couldn’t be said to be subtle by any stretch.

So, the word doesn’t quite do what it needed to do.  What rejiggers does do is rhyme with niggers.  In a race that has been far more about race than it should have been, I think both Time and the DMN published a cheap shot.

They have since realized their mistake and Time has replaced the word with “reshapes” and DMN has gone with “reshuffles.”

Updated articles found here (I’ll see if I can find a cache of the originals):

Obama’s Win Reshapes the Race

Barack Obama’s South Carolina win reshuffles race


4 Responses to “Obama’s win “rejiggers” the race, or does it?”

  1. Massimo Moruzzi Says:

    good journalism.

    yours, I mean.

  2. darwinator Says:

    LOL – Thanks Mass.

    Thanks for reading and commenting. It is appreciated.

  3. Hamilton Says:

    Possibly irrelevant fact of the day:

    According to the TIME searchable database, the word “rejiggers” has appeared in that publication only once in 88 years.

    The word “perfidious” has appeared appeared exactly 100 times.
    “Acquisitive” has appeared 198 times.
    “Unctuous” has appeared 164 times.

  4. Dai Dreamer Says:

    The media is balantly consevative..alot of people are behind crossed doors..swearing and cursing…their minds are still trapped in the 50’s or 60’s…maybe the 70’s , 80’s, or 90’s…but this is the new millenium…the Black and white issue is damn near passe..hispanics and asians outnumber both races 3 to 1…there are so many kids from mixed parentage out there…the world is blending….pretty soon, we all be just people..instead of black, white, asian, or latino.

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