You’re a Ron Paul Supporter – What next?

My family donated more money than we could really afford to the Ron Paul campaign. We donated because he’s an honest, hardworking man who has some good ideas that will help to repair some of the damage that’s been done to America. On certain topics, he’s the only one making any sense.

That being said, I’m a huge proponent of always voting strategically. Take the information available and apply it in a rational way to do the most good for the issues I care about. For the Primary contests we registered Republican to vote for Ron Paul. We think a vote for Ron Paul in the Republican Primary says more than a vote anywhere else at this time. We know Ron Paul’s numbers will be smaller than the other candidates, so every vote helps give his ideas an air of respectability. The big question is about what happens after the Primaries. We have to work under the assumption that Dr. Paul won’t be the Republican nominee. The Republican party has drifted too far from its underlying, conservative ideals. They don’t want Ron Paul and hence, they won’t get him.

So what’s a Ron Paul supporter to do?

That really depends on what you want. I’m figuring that most Ron Paul supporters are passionate, motivated people. Whether they’re new to politics in America or old hands at it, they care about who our next President is. So, as Ron Paul supporters, you need to decide what’s going to happen in a situation where Dr. Paul runs as a third Party candidate and what happens if he doesn’t. Admittedly, the choice may not be that different in either case.

Assuming that the Republican nominee is John McCain, it feels like most Ron Paul supporters won’t be able to support him. So in a race where RP is running as a third party candidate, supporters need to make sure that if they’re spending their vote on Ron Paul that it makes a difference.

All I ask is that you think strategically about what your vote will mean, in practical terms. Cast it where the vote does the most good for the outcome you want. Regardless of what that outcome is.

For me, the classic example of votes being wasted is John Hagelin in Florida, 2000.

Here are the final counts for Bush, Gore and Hagelin:

George W Bush: 2,912,790.
Albert A Gore: 2,912,253
John Hagelin: 2,281

I’ve read about some of Hagelin’s positions, he seems like a good candidate. However, if I had voted for Hagelin in 2000, I’d be regretting it still. Not as much as if I’d voted for everyone’s favorite developmentally disabled President, but regretting it nonetheless. I’d be regretting it because I voted symbolically and not practically. I would have thought I was making some grandiose symbolic gesture and instead I allowed a retarded tyrant to win.

The point is basically that if your candidate cannot win, a vote for him has the potential to be a discarded vote.

By all means, campaign, donate and cheer lead for your guy. Right up until the point that you realize he has no hope, then cut him loose and choose the next best available candidate. The polling booth isn’t the place to make a statement. The polling booth is a place to exert your influence on who the next President is.

You’re always entitled to vote your heart, and there are many political situations where that’s the right thing to do. If you’re a Ron Paul supporter and he actually gets the Republican nomination, there’s no question, vote for him.

If, on the other hand, he doesn’t get the nomination, you need to re-prioritize and realize that a vote for the Democrat will end the war. A vote for the Democrat will put an end (at least for now) to nation building. A vote for the Democrat will start to rebuild some of our civil liberties. A vote for the Democrat will start to restore our international reputation.

So be smart, work hard, fight hard, just keep your goals in mind. Don’t damage them to make a gesture.


5 Responses to “You’re a Ron Paul Supporter – What next?”

  1. God Still More Popular Than Paul Says:

    I totally agree with your reasons for supporting Paul! Unfortunately, if you believe this article I found – the big “G” is still the one to beat ;).

  2. wakeup2change Says:

    If I can not vote for Ron Paul in the election, I will not be voting. I will give you a few reasons.
    #1- The only reason that I am voting is Ron Paul.
    #2- I don’t believe the Dems will do any more to end the war than “Mr Bomb Iran” will.
    #3- I have learned my lesson, if I do not trust them, I will not vote for them.
    #4- Democrates or Republicans, it does not matter, it’s all a horse and pony show. The only execption to this is Ron Paul.
    #5- (by far the most important) This is a Revolution! We are standing up for what we believe to be right. If we cast a vote elsewhere then we would be going against everything we are working for. I do not intend to stop trying to change what is being done to America! A vote for any other person would be doing just that.

  3. JC Says:

    If everyone who states “Ron Paul will not win” would campaign and vote for him, this statement would not become true!
    Ron Paul stands for the TRUE Republican Party. I believe the Libertarian Party would not have been created if the Republicans had not strayed from their principles.
    I keep reading about how nothing but extremist groups are following Ron Paul but I ask you, what is more insane than even entertaining the thought of supporting any candidate who wants to continue war? taxes? US funded global military? open borders? Federal ID cards?
    I look at most of the candidates and see the same evil winks and grins that we have gotten from the current leaders during the past two presidential terms and I am sickened by it.
    We need to wake up, stop being passive, and vote for someone who will move our nation forward again using honesty and The Constitution. Talk to your friends and family about Ron Paul, get involved in YOUR homeland again!!

  4. Carl Bethel Says:

    We need to keep pushing hard, it all comes down to getting the word out, more radio, tv, billboards, brochures, messages…

    Ron Paul is in it for the long run, we need to support him and support him with everything we can.

    Give till it hurts, donate today:

    If we don’t do something now, we’ll all pay for it later, put the ONLY TRUE REPUBLICAN into office.

  5. Timur Rozenfeld Says:

    A vote for a democrat unfortunately will continue the expansion of the welfare state, the decline of our dollar and the collapse of our monetary system. With ever increasing taxes and/or spending our US economy will be on the verge of collapse. And a vote for Hillary is about as bad as it gets as far as socialism is concerned.

    It’s not a pleasant situation. Unfortunately, it will probably take a complete collapse of our banking system before people wake up and then we may lapse into Hitler, Mussolini type fascism which occurred under circumstances similar to ours.

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