A President does what’s right – especially when it’s hard

Barack Obama took time out of his busy campaign, obviously the most important contest of his life so far, to vote today on the Dodd ammendment to strip the FISA bill of retroactivity immunity.

Another Democratic Presidential candidate did not take time out of her busy campaign to vote.

A President should stand up for the American people. A President should do what’s right, even at personal cost and risk. Anyone can keep doing the things that are important to them, a President does what’s important to us.

He is Presidential. She is not.

Rant ends.


2 Responses to “A President does what’s right – especially when it’s hard”

  1. levilarrington Says:

    Keep in mind he didn’t have the balls to vote no on the final passage of the bill. Good man, yes. Hero, no.

  2. Bahamut Says:

    Republican Presidential Candidate also voted in favor of Waterboarding. I propose that he undergo this non-torture technique to show us Americans what a great veteran he is. Obviously his “first” torture experience gave him enough pride to pretend soldiers are donating to his presidential campaign. Let him show what our soldiers will endure during their time as Prisoner Of War. It’s not torture cause he says it’s not!

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