Democratic Nomination – What will happen on March 5th (Yes, the day after)

So according to my new favorite political analyst Al Giordanao over at The Field, today is going to be a delegate victory for Obama.

So what will Clinton do in response?  I don’t have time to go into detail as I’m about to run out the door, but look for her to do one of two things.

First she could acknowledge that there’s no “clean” way for her to win and gracefully bow out, throwing her full support behind Obama.

After you stop laughing, come back and read the second option.

The other course she can and, I believe, will take is to start lobbying louder and harder that the Florida and Michigan delegates be seated at the convention.

So expect, come March 5th, to hear Hillary Clinton railing about how unfair it is that the Michigan and Florida voters will be disenfranchised.

There is, however, one key question about that position; If you thought the decision was wrong Hillary, why did you abide by it and not campaign in either state?  Seemingly if you thought it was wrong before it mattered to your nomination status, you could have come out and said so.  You could have taken a stand saying “This is wrong.  I’m going to campaign in Florida and Michigan and do everything in my power to make sure the voters have their voices heard.”

When you wait until you win to start bleating about it, it looks bad.  It looks like politics as usual.  It looks Clintonian.


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