Obama’s speech on race – CNN’s pathetic headline

After Barack Obama‘s brilliant, moving speech (video) on the issue of race in politics and America, I was interested to see what sort of coverage he’d be getting at the major news outlets.

Here’s what the genius brigade at CNN decided to run with:

CNN’s first attempt

This headline was quickly retracted in favor of one that far more accurately captured the spirit of the speech:

CNN’s second, much better attempt

Ah, sweet, sweet main stream media. Good job.


One Response to “Obama’s speech on race – CNN’s pathetic headline”

  1. michelle aguilar Says:

    Brilliant speech???? You gotta be kiddin. This was as politically motivated as you can get. It might have meant something if he had made the speech at the beginning of his campaign and throughout. What a manipulator. They better add an asterisk after this speech. POLITICALLY MOTIVATED, WRITTEN UNDER DURESS TO SAVE HIS POLITICAL *ss.
    VIVA HILLARY. P.S. B.Richardson doesn’t speak for many Hispanics. Guess if you can’t get the prez nomination, V-P is just as good. Way to go, MURTHA for supporting Hillary. Speeches at an anti-war rally don’t count if you’re going to compare yourself to U.S. Senators who had to vote weighing all the information they were given. Until you walk in their shoes, BO, your speech doesn’t mean beans. HOW WOULD YOU HAVE VOTED??? LIKE HRC? KERRY? EDWARDS? DIDN’T YOU VOTE TO FUND THE WAR AFTER YOU BECAME US SENATOR??? HAVEN’T YOU VOTED JUST LIKE HRC SINCE YOU BECAME US SENATOR? BO IS ALL BEEF CAKES AND NO BEEF. GIVE ME SUBSTANCE, GIVE ME SOMEONE I KNOW. VIVA HILLARY.

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