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We’re doing this to ourselves.

May 4, 2008

According to the Democrats, John McCain wants to stay in Iraq for 100 years.


Bullshit.  Complete and total bullshit.  This makes a mockery of our system, it debases politics in our country and we’re doing it to ourselves.

I am an Obama supporter.  I think McCain is dishonest (which is bad), untrustworthy (worse) and stupid (worst).  However, he deserves to be treated fairly.  How can we rightfully complain about the misrepresentation of Senator Obama’s words if we let this misrepresentation of McCain’s words go unchallenged?

John McCain does not want America to be enmeshed in any conflicts anywhere, let alone want Americans dying in Iraq for 100 years.  John McCain is wrong in so many ways about Iraq and, for someone who claims foreign policy and national security as his strong suits, he is awfully ignorant about it.  John McCain is so wrong about foreign policy in general and the Middle East in particular that his statements don’t need to be caricatured.  They stand alone and should be attacked for the meaning behind them.  They don’t need to be distorted.

John McCain doesn’t want America to be involved in Iraq.  John McCain doesn’t want Americans to be dying there.  John McCain certainly doesn’t want American involvement to last 100 years.

John McCain thinks that being involved in Iraq is right.  He thinks that it is necessary.  He thinks that it is vital to our national security.  He is a dumbass and he is wrong about all these reasons.  We don’t need to claim falsehoods about his beliefs to beat him.  Give McCain the opportunity to explain his statements and let him hang himself with what he does believe.

We’re doing this to ourselves.  We play this game of “gotcha” politics, where every statement a candidate makes is pounced on and replayed endlessly in the old media (and sometimes the new).  Obama uses “bitter” and “cling” instead of “hurting” and “rely on” and he’s crucified in the media.  He’s accused of being elitist by a guy with 8 residences and a wife worth millions and the Clintons.

Unfortunately, we see everything through our own lens of pre-established prejudices.  Obama goes on Fox news and I try to rationalize it as “reaching out to a different group of Americans.”  Clinton goes on O’Reilly and I get outraged that she’s legitimizing a right-wing propaganda source.  That’s a disgrace.  I need to be assessing both Obama and Clinton by the same standards.  It’s just so hard, but if I don’t make the effort then I’m just as guilty as the media lackeys.  I’m doing it to myself.