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You’re a Ron Paul Supporter – What next?

February 4, 2008

My family donated more money than we could really afford to the Ron Paul campaign. We donated because he’s an honest, hardworking man who has some good ideas that will help to repair some of the damage that’s been done to America. On certain topics, he’s the only one making any sense.

That being said, I’m a huge proponent of always voting strategically. Take the information available and apply it in a rational way to do the most good for the issues I care about. For the Primary contests we registered Republican to vote for Ron Paul. We think a vote for Ron Paul in the Republican Primary says more than a vote anywhere else at this time. We know Ron Paul’s numbers will be smaller than the other candidates, so every vote helps give his ideas an air of respectability. The big question is about what happens after the Primaries. We have to work under the assumption that Dr. Paul won’t be the Republican nominee. The Republican party has drifted too far from its underlying, conservative ideals. They don’t want Ron Paul and hence, they won’t get him.

So what’s a Ron Paul supporter to do?

That really depends on what you want. I’m figuring that most Ron Paul supporters are passionate, motivated people. Whether they’re new to politics in America or old hands at it, they care about who our next President is. So, as Ron Paul supporters, you need to decide what’s going to happen in a situation where Dr. Paul runs as a third Party candidate and what happens if he doesn’t. Admittedly, the choice may not be that different in either case.

Assuming that the Republican nominee is John McCain, it feels like most Ron Paul supporters won’t be able to support him. So in a race where RP is running as a third party candidate, supporters need to make sure that if they’re spending their vote on Ron Paul that it makes a difference.

All I ask is that you think strategically about what your vote will mean, in practical terms. Cast it where the vote does the most good for the outcome you want. Regardless of what that outcome is.

For me, the classic example of votes being wasted is John Hagelin in Florida, 2000.

Here are the final counts for Bush, Gore and Hagelin:

George W Bush: 2,912,790.
Albert A Gore: 2,912,253
John Hagelin: 2,281

I’ve read about some of Hagelin’s positions, he seems like a good candidate. However, if I had voted for Hagelin in 2000, I’d be regretting it still. Not as much as if I’d voted for everyone’s favorite developmentally disabled President, but regretting it nonetheless. I’d be regretting it because I voted symbolically and not practically. I would have thought I was making some grandiose symbolic gesture and instead I allowed a retarded tyrant to win.

The point is basically that if your candidate cannot win, a vote for him has the potential to be a discarded vote.

By all means, campaign, donate and cheer lead for your guy. Right up until the point that you realize he has no hope, then cut him loose and choose the next best available candidate. The polling booth isn’t the place to make a statement. The polling booth is a place to exert your influence on who the next President is.

You’re always entitled to vote your heart, and there are many political situations where that’s the right thing to do. If you’re a Ron Paul supporter and he actually gets the Republican nomination, there’s no question, vote for him.

If, on the other hand, he doesn’t get the nomination, you need to re-prioritize and realize that a vote for the Democrat will end the war. A vote for the Democrat will put an end (at least for now) to nation building. A vote for the Democrat will start to rebuild some of our civil liberties. A vote for the Democrat will start to restore our international reputation.

So be smart, work hard, fight hard, just keep your goals in mind. Don’t damage them to make a gesture.


An interview with the next President

January 30, 2008

Check out this interesting interview.  It’s about 50 minutes long, but it’s worth the investment of time.

And if you live in a state that’s voting or caucusing on “Super Tuesday”, please help save this country.

If you’re a Democrat who wants to end the Iraq war, you have one clear choice – Ron Paul

January 23, 2008

I realized something earlier today. I realized that, as someone who wants to end the war in Iraq, I should have registered Republican to vote for Ron Paul in the Primary.

Why? Simple. In a Ron Paul vs any Democrat contest, the troops come home.

For any Democrats out there who care about ending our illegal occupation of Iraq, suck it up and register Republican. It’s not like a tattoo, you can wash the stink off later. Vote for Ron Paul, keep his candidacy viable and maybe, just maybe you can help end this awful mess we’re in.

What a fair Ron Paul interview looks like

January 20, 2008

I’m stunned.

I really don’t know how to react.  I just saw a Ron Paul interview via YouTube.  I don’t know what to say other than it was good.

I kept expecting the interviewers to turn on him and start mocking him.  They didn’t.

I kept expecting them to mention all the departments he wants to close to make him sound foolish.  They didn’t.

I kept expecting them to criticize his stance on the war.  They didn’t.

In fact, and give me a second to collect myself here … I think … I think they were actually agreeing with many of his positions.

One of the hosts said “He makes a lot of sense.”

I think it’s a measure of the treatment he’s received so far that an ordinary interview where he’s treated with respect (they called him Dr. Paul) and where Paul performs produces such a strong reaction in me.

I can’t imagine what will happen if this treatment continues.  Actually, to be honest, I can’t imagine this treatment continuing.

We fight for freedom – or “What if someone else did it to us?”

January 14, 2008

It’s been eight years now. Eight long years. Sure, initially I was glad when China toppled the Bush regime and executed the “retarded tyrant” as I love to call him. It wasn’t that bad at the start, but as time wore on and I realized they weren’t leaving, it started to gnaw at me.

Bush declared martial law in June of 2008 after initiating a nuclear attack on Iran. Martial law became “necessary” in the chaos surrounding the oil shock that followed the Iranian conflict. People had said he’d been planning the Iran move for a while, but the media kept pointing out how much of a threat Iran was so I guess we needed to act. He didn’t have any conventional forces or weaponry available because he’d over-extended our reach in Iraq and Afghanistan. Without conventional options, he went nuclear. The events that followed received sporadic and muddled coverage and what happened is still disputed today. All I know for sure is that oil become scarce in a real hurry. China removed the Yuan/dollar peg, called in its massive store of US Treasury bonds and sent the greenback into freefall. Most Americans didn’t realize that China was trading more with Europe than the US, and while the move stung China, it crippled the US. They then started paying the Saudis and other Persian Gulf countries in Yuan, the new global currency. The greenback was shunned like a redheaded stepchild. The same thing worked on Venezuela and Mexico and their oil output was redirected to China’s burgeoning economy. It is rumored that the Chinese then, using covert ops, disabled much of the Canadian oil infrastructure and America was oil dry within weeks. It turned out that the American government’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve didn’t hold the 720,000,000 barrels that the government claimed. Everything ground to a halt.

So Bush declared martial law soon after and China went on the offensive. Ostensibly, the Chinese invaded to “remove a tyrant that the rest of the world considers an unnacceptable risk”. Of course the US military went nuclear with the Chinese but didn’t realize that the 15+ satellite launches a year the Chinese had been grinding out were all part of an ICBM defense system. None of the nukes got through. It was over quickly. The famed military-industrial complex of the US was an amazing powerhouse. It’s just that without oil, the powerhouse didn’t have all that much power. Unlike previous wars where the might of American production pushed us over the top militarily, production sputtered to a stop and this war was lost without so much as a whimper.

The Chinese instituted some changes. They said that the only truly free society was one in which everyone worked for the common good. They imposed their political system on us without asking. I think they believe they’re doing us a favor.

One of the biggest issues before the media was nationialized and put under government control was the checkpoints the Chinese introduced. There are sickeningly frequent reports of US citizens being killed at these checkpoints throughout the country. Apparently what happens is that a carload of civilians gets shouted at (in Chinese) to slow down or stop. Not understanding, they fail to comply. Result: bullet riddled civilians with confused and terrified looks on their faces. Just last week the Chinese killed a busload of 17 civilians. Most of them were school children on a class trip. There were three teachers too.

While the Chinese have deployed much of their national army on US soil, they’ve also used a lot of civilian contractors to enforce curfews and protect foreign diplomats. These contractors and the company they work for (Redwater) are beyond the reach of the US judicial system. The Chinese have given them immunity for their actions on US soil and the company spirits away any individuals accused of wrongdoing before an investigation can get underway, even if there was a point to conducting one.

The eight years they’ve been here on US soil have produced some heartbreaking statistics. Over 4,500,000 “excess deaths”. I like that. Excess deaths. Basically, that’s people either killed violently during uprisings (ruthlessly crushed by our benevolent occupiers) or those that have died since the Chinese destroyed many of our factories, roads and infrastructure. Of those 4,500,000, about 1,800,000 have been violent or combat related deaths of Americans. Canada, in a stunning act of humanitarianism has opened its borders to refugees and 12,000,000 Americans have fled our home to reside with our now beloved northern neighbors.

Initially, people seemed to accept the fact that we needed help getting rid of Bush’s dictatorship. Lately, I think people have come to understand that the Chinese are really here for our natural resources. In the fusion driven, post-oil world, apparently American soil contains a lot of the minerals that drive the fusion process. I don’t really understand it but apparently the largest supply of “whatever it is” (some sort of helium?) was found in Iowa. The Chinese have set up camp there and apparently haven’t left. They can talk all they want about giving us our freedom but with 4,500,000 dead, 21,000,000 Americans who’ve fled and are now living as refugees elsewhere (12,000,000 in Canada alone) and another 1,100,000 fleeing each month, I gotta tell ya, it doesn’t feel all that free.

There is hope however, apparently the Chairman of the Chinese Communist party and thus the leader of China is frail. It’s said that health-wise he’s on his last legs. All we can do is hope that China’s next leader will curtail China’s empire. China has to realize the futility of trying to police the world. China’s political, social and moral systems are great … for China, but to impose them elsewhere at the barrel of a gun is wrong. I just hope the Chinese leadership realizes that. I’d say that I hope the Chinese people realize it but we all know that the Chinese don’t have any say in how their country is run or what wars it wages. It certainly feels a bit strange to have our future depend on the whims of political leaders far away, but that’s our new reality.

It’s hard for me to get too excited about the possibility of Chinese regime change. Regardless of what happens, the Chinese can’t give me my sons back. I won’t ever hold them again or see their cheeky smiles. So while other people hope that confusing political changes in foreign lands will help us, I apply slightly more direct methods.

Yes, I know they call me a terrorist and an insurgent. I like to think of myself as a freedom fighter. If someone invaded your country and killed your people, I’d like to think you’d fight too. I don’t expect to win but if I don’t fight, if we don’t fight, then all Americans lose.

Live Free or Die? Transcript of a Ron Paul Speech

January 8, 2008

Manchester, NH. Tuesday, January 8th, 2008.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you … thank you very much … thank you …

Good people of New Hampshire, I stand before you today with two things: a simple message and a dire need.

The message is one that I’ve been delivering for nearly 40 years. It’s a message that I know is familiar to you, it’s your state motto: “Live Free or Die”. Yes, it’s a little strange for me to be delivering your own motto to you, but that’s where the dire need comes in, so bear with me. The people of New Hampshire are needed. The people of New Hampshire are desperately needed. America needs you to stand up and say that enough is enough. America needs you to live up to your reputation and put your votes where your mouths are. American needs you to exemplify the “Live Free or Die” philosophy. You’ve lived under the motto, now America needs you to live the motto.

We’ve reached a point, in this country, where small, incremental changes have chipped away at our personal freedoms. We’ve reached a point, in this country, where huge, sweeping mistakes have destroyed our international reputation. We’ve reached a point , in this country, where our economy is grinding to a halt, our currency is collapsing and our prosperity is disappearing.

America needs New Hampshire to say “Enough!” America needs New Hampshire to claim back our freedoms.

(Pause – applause)

The country’s need is strong enough that I’m going to be blunt with you here; you only have two choices in the Republican Party Primary. You can vote for me or you can continue to see your country’s future squandered. Now, I’ll admit I’m not much of a politician. I’m not smooth, polished or particularly inspiring speaker but I don’t need to be … because the message of freedom speaks for itself!

(Pause – cheering)

I am the only Republican candidate who voted against the war. (Pause – cheering)

I have never voted to provide more funding for the war. (Pause – cheering)

Most importantly, listen carefully to this, when I am elected I will bring our troops back home to their families. I will end this war! (Pause – pandemonium)

You want freedom? I support legalizing drugs and abolishing the IRS! (Pause – shouting, cheering)

You want prosperity? I will restore this country’s economic power with responsible fiscal policies. You know? Like a Republican is supposed to. (Pause – laughter)

You want honesty, integrity and commitment? I’ve been married to my lovely wife for 50 years and I’ve been a congressman for 40 of those years. I’ve voted according to the constitution without exception, for those 40 years because that’s what I was elected to do! (Pause – cheering)

The time has come, New Hampshire, for you to decide whether “Live Free or Die” is a motto or a way of life. The time has come, New Hampshire, for you to decide whether our future will be filled with freedom or fear, prosperity or war, truth and honesty or more of the same we’ve been getting for 8 years.

Enough is enough New Hampshire.

New Hampshire, there isn’t another candidate who supports freedom like I do. There isn’t another candidate who has a track recording of voting for freedom like I do. So I ask you today, New Hampshire, are you ready? Are you ready to stand up and be counted? Are you ready to lead our country out of this dark hour? Is it just a motto New Hampshire, or are you truly ready to Live Free or Die?

Thank you. Thank you. (etc)

(Mayhem ensues)

I miss you.

December 20, 2007

Fuck I miss you.

I miss having an educated populace. Actually, I miss having a populace that can read … or spell … or add … or think.

I miss being the tourists that were culturally naive and oblivious to our own volume. Now we’re the tourists that should pretend to be Canadian.

I miss knowing that we don’t torture. I miss knowing that, no matter what the other guy did, no matter how low he stooped, we would take the moral high ground. We would do the right thing. The wrong thing was something other people did. I miss that. I miss everything you used to stand for. A beacon in the darkness. An example to others. A bastion of hope. A place where hard work and a sharp mind just might, with a touch of luck, be enough. I miss having a nation that believes in itself. I miss having a nation that is entitled to believe in itself.

I really miss having a leader that can talk, think and be honest. I miss having a leader that could do any one of those three things. I miss having a leader that can inspire rather than embarrass, a leader that can stir any emotion other than shame. I miss having a leader that I don’t have to apologize for.

I miss feeling that we fight on the side of justice and against tyranny. Actually, I miss at least knowing why we fight.

I miss being confident that this is the best country in the world. I miss knowing that my grandchildren will inherit a world better than the one I found.

America, I miss you and I want you back.

I’m not sure how to get you back, but it might start with taking some responsibility… I want us to stand up and take responsibility for what we’ve done. I’m sick and tired of people saying “Yes, it’s all terrible, but I didn’t vote for the guy. It’s not my fault.”

Yes. It is. It is your fault. It’s my fault too.

By my actions, or lack thereof, I have been responsible for the deaths of innocent Iraqis. How? I didn’t do everything I could to stop Bush being elected. I could have tried harder. Once he was returned to power, I could have done more to limit the damage.

I could have paid attention to every vote on every piece of legislation and organized a groundswell of outraged support when the Democratic “leadership” caved and continued funding the war. I could have campaigned (and still could) for the defeat of every Democratic Senator who failed to follow through on the mandate they were given to end the war.

I could have reduced my dependence on fossil fuels and removed the reason for the war in the first place. I could have encouraged others to do the same.

Maybe no one else feels the same way. Maybe I couldn’t have done much. Maybe it wouldn’t have mattered. It would sure feel different to have tried though. Reminds me of a Roosevelt quote:

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

Like I said, maybe it wouldn’t have made a difference but at least I would have failed while spending myself in a worthy cause. I’m responsible for the deaths of Iraqis. Me. Now I have to figure out how to change things and I need my country back to do it.

Please come back America, I miss you.

In their own words

April 27, 2007

Wow. Just wow.

Below the cartoon is an exquisite quote from this article by Cal Thomas.

The meat of the quote is:

All of the printed and voiced prophecies should be saved in an archive. When these false prophets again appear, they can be reminded of the error of their previous ways and at least be offered an opportunity to recant and repent.

The ironing is simply delicious.